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The religions of the world and their leaders and scholars got it all wrong!

Unfortunately for the world's organized religions and their leaders, who have set themselves up as conduits of "God’s word and will," none have been able to solve the mystery of the book of Revelation. No leader or scholar has “unfolded” the true meaning of the allegorical and metaphorical symbolism used by John to describe the destiny of the human race upon this earth.

Unknown to those who read the book of Revelation, John’s message is one of hope and joy, not one of misery and destruction. The perception of fear and destruction often associated with Revelation is perpetuated by those who want their followers to fear and respect them.

There is only one person upon earth who knows what Revelation's author intended: the author himself. And what he intended is now explained in 666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast: The Apostle John's New Testament Revelation Unfolded.

It is proper that the book of Revelation is named - The Apocalypse. However, “Apocalypse” means “disclosure.” It has nothing to do with the end of the world. The true meaning of Revelation's symbolism reveals an insight into human nature and the course of events of this world.

If you are not interested in religious scripture, then you will benefit greatly by reading HUMAN REALITY—Who We Are and Why We Exist! However, read the first (short) 9 sections of this book. Upon so doing, you're promised a wonderful presentation of our human nature relative to the Corruption of Man, the Dragon, the Beast, the Image of the Beast, the Mark of the Beast, the Wrath of God, the Patience of the Saints, A Sharp Two-Edged Sword, and the End of Times.

After reading these short sections, you will never view the book of Revelation the same again.

Don't let ignorance and fear control your mind. Find truth. Let it set you free!




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