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Read - The Man From Joe's Bar and Grill

"…when that happens, it’s not gonna happen to, it’s not
gonna come to somebody down at Joe’s Bar and Grill.”

—Jeffrey R. Holland, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, referring to the one who would be chosen and commissioned to bring the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon to the world.

In June 2007, Elder Holland dismissed the idea that anyone outside of LDS Church leadership would be allowed to translate and publish the 2/3 sealed portion of the gold plates of Mormon. He also lied about the translator, Christopher Marc Nemelka, including Christopher’s particular employment in LDS Church Security, his meeting with LDS Church leaders, and his involvement in polygamy, among other facts of which Jeffrey Holland knows nothing about. Holland’s assessment of Christopher is that he is a “Whacko.” This character evaluation was based on what Jeff Holland wanted to believe about Christopher. However, when asked if he had ever actually met Christopher, Holland admitted that he had not. Even so, Christopher gave the LDS Church plenty of opportunities to meet with him, even offering to allow them to take control of the publication of The Sealed Portion, and calling them on the Gay Marriage Issue long before it became a source of embarrassment to them. (See letter on pgs. 596–7 of Appendix 2 to The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ and U.S. mail verification of receipt .)

What Apostle Jeffrey Holland and all members of the LDS faith do not want to acknowledge is that God has NEVER called a true prophet from within an established religion. The full canon of LDS scripture contains many instances when a prophet was called by God to bring truth to the people of the world. But there is NOT ONE CASE where any leader was called from within any church, including from within the “Church of God.” According to their own scriptures, all true prophets have ALWAYS been called from without the Church. Granted, there were a few who were once leaders in the “Church of God,” but they did not receive their callings until AFTER they had left the Church!

Apostle Holland is just one of many people who have invented “lies” about Christopher. Even a U.S. Senator, Bob Bennett, took time off from representing the U.S. Congress to present biased, prejudiced, and completely false facts about Christopher’s work. (See Senator Bennett’s Letter to Ida Smith.)  The majority of his personal family hasn’t spoken to him for many years, nor have they attempted to understand what his work is all about; and some have become ardent critics and enemies and present their own biased view of Christopher’s life.

Upon investigating Christopher’s past, one would find that many individuals have loved Christopher and would have done anything for him while they were with him. But when he chose not to be with them, they instigated a course of events that has tarnished his character with lies and prejudiced opinions. Some have alienated his children from a father who loves them dearly. Others have invented stories, imagined maladies, and promoted lies in order to disparage the man they once knew and loved. In their hearts, they cannot find a justifiable reason why he left the relationship he had with each. But he did. And when he did, their opinions and actions towards him changed. In their minds he somehow became a monster they fear instead of a friend and a father whom they once loved. But throughout it all, Christopher has never changed. He is the same as he has always been. And the children who have chosen to question the opinions of others and investigate the truth have come to know Christopher as a unique father and grandfather. They have found out the truth for themselves—a truth that has set them free from the pain they once felt towards their father because of others’ lies.

Why would people lie about another person and cause hate, ridicule, persecution, and distrust? Christopher answers this in his own words:

"The propensity to justify a lie about another person, more than any other part of human nature, has contributed to the downfall of both whole societies and many an individual’s character. In order to prove and maintain their own self-value, which includes their opinions, beliefs, and the perception others have of them, human beings devalue each other. No guilt is felt, and any necessary means is justified, when one is defending his or her own dignity and value. When faced with a situation that threatens one’s self-value, reality is often transformed into a false perception that reinforces and maintains the individual’s pride and self-worth.

A lie is a perception that is not real. It can be something we want to be true so strongly that we refuse to accept any other possibility that would discount what we want to believe. Upon accepting something as true that would devalue one’s self-worth, a person places one’s self in a position of vulnerability. Few want to admit that they are wrong. And no matter how much evidence is presented in contrary to what we believe, our self-worth is more important than reality. Therefore, the truth is hardly ever known when dealing with the human species."

His official autobiography is being written to present the true events of Christopher’s life—both those that led to his calling as translator of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, and those coming after, which involve the only true messenger on earth who has the power and authority to un-confuse a very confused world. It presents true facts and unfolds a divinely laid-out path for the only man in recent history who can solve all of the mysteries of life. The truths unfolded in the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® have the liberating power to set a person free from the confusion and nonsense that keep the human race bound in chains of ignorance and unhappiness.

The Man from Joe’s Bar and Grill—The Autobiography of Christopher Marc Nemelka will help any truth seeker to see through the lies presented on spurious websites and by unscrupulous individuals who mock Christopher and disparage his good name. It aims to remove the excuse that some might have that they would have accepted the truth, if not for the stumbling block of what is published and said about Christopher Nemelka. Many of these are those who cannot accept the fact that just one man (and it isn’t them or their spiritual leaders) was called to bring forth the fullness of truth to a corrupted world. They cannot accept the One who bears the name of Christ (meaning the anointed one) whose life is given in similitude of the One who said:

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. ...Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. (John 14:6; 6:53)

Wouldn’t it make sense that in order to prove each of us, as to whether or not we were capable of honoring and sustaining just one to oversee our eternal happiness, that just one—even onelike unto the Son of man” (see Revelation 14:14)—would be prepared and called to do the same things the other one did in times past? The other one was also hated, ridiculed, rejected, and called a womanizing, winebibbing, heretic apostate by his family and friends. The majority of the people were convinced that the man was a deceiver and a person who had no right to live among them—so they acquiesced to his murder. But no matter what his critics said, no matter what history did or didn’t say about him, that one man was the only one who knew the real truth.

And this time around the real truth has come from the life of The Man from Joe's Bar and Grill.


Many things have been said and published about Christopher (the author of the MWAW books); but what is the real truth? Decide for yourself by watching the short video below. This video more correctly personifies Christopher, and implicitly explains his role better by the words of his own mouth, than any other profile available to the public. Take the time to judge for yourself whether Christopher's name should be known for good or evil.



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